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Get better through sex and couple therapy in Menlo Park

Let Your Inner Ray Shine

Compassionate, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California

Dr. Margaret Li ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist in Menlo Park, CA

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Welcome to Ray Psychology! Ray, in English, means each of the lines in which light (and heat) may seem to stream from the sun or any luminous body. Rui (pronounced Ray), in Chinese, means deep wisdom from within. As the name implies, we are committed to utilize evidence-based practice and the most-updated research to identify the root cause of your current struggles, uncover the unhealthy patterns, and develop changes that comes from within, because those are the changes that will last. With this mission in mind, our therapists specialize therapy for anxiety and stress, couples therapy, and sex therapy. We are proud to provide in-person couples therapy and sex therapy in Menlo Park, California. Please take your time to review our website, and feel free to contact us for a consultation to find out how we can best help you. 

Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Relationship

Compassionate, Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and Throughout California Since 2011

Are you struggling with anxiety and/or relationship concerns and not sure how to improve the situation? As BIPOC psychologists, we understand how hard it can be to seek help when we are struggling emotionally. We relate to your struggles of feeling confident/belonged, making impacts, juggling work/life demands, finding love, maintaining healthy relationships, drawing healthy boundary with family members, and resolving childhood traumas. We provide a safe space for you to better understand yourself, and to heal and achieve your life goals.

Our doctoral level psychotherapists specialize in: 

Quality Therapy Services

Psychological Services in Silicon Valley and Throughout California


Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? Is your mind constantly occupied by worries and concerns that you cannot seem to control? Whether your anxiety is situational, temporary or persistent, it often compromises your life quality one way or another. You may find yourself having difficulty sleeping, concentrating on tasks, questioning your decisions, or avoiding uncertainties in life. Fortunately, anxiety is highly treatable with evidence-based treatments.

With extensive training and experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based interventions, we collaborate with our  clients in tackling various anxiety-related challenges including:

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Social Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Therapy for Anxiety in Menlo Park CA

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, also known as marriage or couples counseling, is a professional intervention designed to support couples in improving their relationship and resolving conflicts. It provides a safe and nurturing environment where partners can openly communicate, gain insights into their relationship dynamics, and work towards building a healthier and more fulfilling partnership.

With extensive training and experience, we work with couples on:

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Expressing and Receiving Love 

  • Building and Maintaining Trust

  • Navigating Cultural Differences in Interracial Relationship 

  • Recovering from Infidelity 

  • Sex Concerns

Couples Therapy in Menlo Park CA

Child Therapy

Child therapy, also known as play therapy or child counseling, is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on supporting the emotional, social, and behavioral well-being of children and adolescents. It provides a safe and therapeutic space where young individuals can express themselves, explore their feelings, and work through challenges using developmentally appropriate approaches.

During our past 10 years of working with children and teens in the Silicone Valley, we have worked with children and teens struggling with the following concerns:


  • Anger outburst

  • Adjustment (move, parents' divorce, new school, etc. )

  • Acting out

  • Academic stress

  • Anxiety

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Autism

  • Depression

  • Gender identity and sexual orientation concerns

  • Low self-esteem

  • Selective mutism 

  • Sexual health concerns

  • Substance abuse 

  • Suicidal ideation and self-harming 

Child Therapy in Menlo Park CA

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a form of therapy intended to help individuals and couples resolve sexual difficulties, such as performance anxiety or relationship problems. I provide brief or long-term sex therapy for individuals and couples using an integrative theoretical approach. My style is warm, collaborative, and strength-based. With an integrated approach, I work with clients with respect and compassion. I utilize evidence-based practice and  the most-updated research to develop treatment plan that is unique to your specific needs.

I specialize in helping individuals and couples with relational and sexual concerns.​

  • Physical and emotional sexual pain

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Low sexual desire

  • Mismatched desires and needs within a couple

  • Delayed or impaired orgasm 

  • Sexual trauma

Sex Therapy in Menlo Park CA

Stress & Burnout

Stress and burnout are two interconnected phenomena that can have a significant impact on an individual's well-being, productivity, and overall quality of life.

Types of Stress:

Acute Stress

Chronic Stress

Episodic Acute Stress

Traumatic Stress

Types of Burnout:

Frenetic Burnout

Underchallenged Burnout

Worn-Out Burnout

Engaged Burnout

Therapy for Stress and Burnout


Traumatic events—such as an accident, assault, military combat or natural disaster—can have lasting effects on a person’s mental health. While many people will have short term responses to life-threatening events, some will develop longer term symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD symptoms often co-exist with other conditions such as substance use disorders, depression and anxiety. 

We collaborate with clients in healing:

  • Acute trauma

  • Chronic Trauma

  • Complex Trauma

  • Developmental Trauma

  • Vicarious Trauma

  • Sexual Truma

Therapy for Trauma in Menlo Park CA

AAPI Mental Health

  • AAPI mental health faces specific cultural, social, and systemic factors that can influence mental well-being. These factors include acculturation stress, intergenerational conflicts, discrimination, racism, language barriers, cultural stigma around mental health, and limited access to culturally competent mental health services.

As BIPOC psychologists, we compassionately support AAPI individuals struggling with :

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Stress and Burnout 

  • Sexual Concerns

  • Marriage and Relationship Concerns

  • Family of Origin Concerns

  • Identity Concerns

  • Immigration Stress

  • Trauma

Therapy for AAPI Mental Health in Menlo Park CA


Starting therapy was one of the hardest decisions I've made in my life, I was so embarrassed by my problems and didn't want to be judged. I also didn't want one of those "nice therapist" that couldn't help me. My friend recommended me to talk to Margaret and I gave it a try. She was kind, welcoming, but also real and knowledgeable. Margaret made it so easy for me to open up without feeling judged. I learned so much about myself, and for once, feel good about myself.

Past therapy client, Engineer at leading tech company


Convenient Location in Downtown Menlo Park, Free and easy parking, 5 minute walk from CalTrain Station

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