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AAPI Mental Health in California

Online Therapy and In-person Therapy in Menlo Park, CA

Image by Jason Sung

While the term "Asian American" encompasses a diverse group of ethnicities with nuanced experiences and varying levels of income and education, we often share a set of experiences that make us vulnerable to chronic stress and other mental health and wellness issues:

  • Recent AAPI Hate

  • Presence of ancestral / intergenerational / historical trauma

  • Immigration / refugee journey

  • Being a child of immigrant / refugee parents

  • Experiences of racism, discrimination, and microaggressions

  • The constant feeling of being a foreigner, of not belonging

  • Balancing different cultural values and norms in a dominant white, Eurocentric culture

  • The perception and pressures of the model minority myth

  • Lack of multi-dimensional representation

  • Invisibility in race discussions

Fortunately, there's an increasing effort in decreasing stigma of mental health in the Asian American communities. As first and second generation Asian American, we have a unique understanding about your struggles. We strive to provide you a safe place to process and understand your challenges.

As a trilingual psychologist, Dr. Li provides culturally sensitive psychological services in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Dr. Prasad provides culturally sensitive psychological services in English and Hindi. 

Nina Carnevale, LMFT provides culturally sensitive psychological services in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and English. 

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