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Relationship Counseling

Relationships of all shapes and forms

Couples Therapy: Welcome

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Couples therapy for diverse sexual orientations

Are you tired of having the same fight over and over again? Are you having a hard time trusting your partner after a betrayal? When was the last time you connected with your partner without talking about your children? Or have you grown apart from each other and lost the passion that brought you together in the first place?

Relationships and marriages bring out the best and the worst in all of us. We are most vulnerable with our partners, and this trust and connection deserve love, thoughtfulness, and attention. However, because of many differences from our upbringings, family backgrounds, countries of origin, relationships with our parents, peer influences any many many more past experience, some of these love and thoughtfulness get lost in translation. At the same time, most couples never learned the right tools and skills needed to foster and maintain a healthy relationship. What used to be sweet and fun turned into dull and plain. What used to be easily compromised turned into a tug of war that no one wins. We then feel like we fell out of love in our relationships. 

Being in an interracial marriage myself, I understand how hard it can be to navigate differences in a relationship. I'm here to support you to better understand yourself and your needs in relationships, improve your communication skills, and develop a deeper and meaningful connection with yourself and your loved ones. I have extensive experience supporting couples with diverse sexual orientations and sexual practices. I strive to provide a safe space for diverse relationships. 

I support couples at different stages of relationship:




Different Stages of Marriage

Considering breakup or divorce

Divorced and Coparenting

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Couples Therapy: About Therapy
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Areas of Expertise

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Expressing and Receiving Love 

  • Building and Maintaining Trust

  • Navigating Cultural Differences in Interracial Relationship 

  • Recovering from Infidelity 

  • Sex Concerns

Couples Therapy: About Therapy

Support for Diverse Relationships

If you're looking for support to explore and foster diverse relationships, I'm here to support you and your love ones. These diverse relationships include but not limited to open relationships, casual dating, affairs, polyamorous relationships.

Couples Therapy: About Therapy
Couples Therapy: Image


Couples Therapy: About Therapy

I wish for space where nobody has to justify their lawful lifestyles and sexual practices. While we are waiting for the society to progress, I'm committed to provide you a safe place to explore and embrace.

Colorful Friends
Gay Teens
Couple with Daughter
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Couples Therapy: Welcome
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