Depression Support Group

Wednesday 5-6pm

Depression makes us feel “stuck,” so this group aims to flip the script by learning to not only manage, but also understand and even grow from depression. The group will be eclectic in approach, combining skills, education, and process elements with an overall strengths-based approach. 

This is 4-meeting weekly group. It meets on Wednesday from 5-6pm​. $50 per session. Registration currently open.

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New dad support group

Harnessing the might of your emotions to assist in the powerful, messy, and transformative work of being a dad

Hi, I am Dr. Leif Griffin and I’m excited to be leading a group for new dads adjusting to huge changes, which often can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and even trauma symptoms. This group is about dealing with change, relaxing with vulnerability, managing worry and uncertainty, managing shame-“not good enough”, controlling what you can control, improving communication through improving sense of your emotions and needs, and most importantly, being able to “feel and deal.” 

You will Learn about what are some of the shame-fueled beliefs that gum up your resources and lead you to either extreme of not doing enough or never being able to stop doing. We will together learn to let go of rigid thinking of what is “good” and what is “bad” to free up a more authentic version of yourself. 

With my clinical experience as a psychologist and personal experience as a new dad, we will: 

  1. Unlock feelings of excitement and joy at achieving contact with another 

  2. Foster courage and curiosity to feel​ and use emotions instead of cutting them off

  3. Harness kindness and understanding towards our conditioning and how you are not alone with it

  4. Allow the acceptance of difficulty/vulnerability and of compassion for one’s own humanness and to also embody this in how you relate to your children. ​

  5. Trust in own ability and nature to do this and to know you don’t need to do it alone

We will together, learn to grow:

  1. Flexibility

  2. Affect tolerance and identification

  3. Vitality 

  4. Deeper feelings

  5. Confidence 

  6. Meaning in activities (even the ones you found tiring)         

This is 4-meeting weekly group. It meets on Wednesday from 5-6pm​. $50 per session.

Registration currently open.

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Leif Griffin, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, PSY31909

“Bringing light and healing to hidden wounds through compassion, insight, and movement towards greater freedom, connection, and possibility. ”

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